Autumn in London

Last month I was in London again. I love the autumn in London, it is not that cold yet and the colour of the trees, the odd sunny day and the preparations for Halloween, etc make this time of the year very appealing. Like I always say, this city gives me a lot of pleasure and, after 20 years that I lived there, it still amazes me.

I have noticed, in the last few years, the trend to open bars or restaurants in one of the floors

of signature buildings, as it happens in many cities around the globe. In Tokyo, for instance, there are bars/restaurants in any floor, in any building, not just the well-known sky scrapers. High Five, for instance, one of the best bars in the world it is in a 4th floor, in a normal block of flats, something that seemed odd when I visited it.

This is not the case of Bar and Restaurant Duck & Waffle, which is in the 40th floor, just on top of Sushi Samba, very trendy also, in one of the tallest skyscrapers of financial city. The star dish is obviously, the waffle, but not with the sweet toppings, here you eat it with duck. In Washington I learnt about the concept of eating savoury waffles, especially for brunch. Waffles for breakfast and chicken/duck for lunch therefore chicken/duck waffles for brunch. Great idea, don’t you think? It was amazingly exquisite. They serve British food with European influence. It also has a nice bar and the place is open the whole day 7 days a week, yes, 24/7. Going up the glass lift is an experience by itself and not suitable for everybody!! You can imagine the views….

At this time of the year, game season is on and many restaurants, particularly the British, offer this type of meat on the menus. As it is something that I don’t find easily in Mallorca, I always try to find a place offering pheasant, partridge, grouse, hare, etc. We went to the Anchor & Hope gastropub, in Waterloo. They don’t take bookings and being a Saturday we went quite early to ensure a table. I loved the informal atmosphere and although it is not cheap, it offer what I was looking for, a very English menu, so it is worth to try it to break through the topic that English food doesn’t exist or that it is no good. I opted for the grouse and got the whole bird, perfectly roasted with all garnishes.

I must tell you that the day before I left I went to Borough Market, my favourite food market and I loaded up. Who brings food from London to Mallorca?? Isn’t it the other way round?? Well, that is me!! I bought pheasant breasts, a whole pheasant, deer meat, smoked trout, etc., hoping that I would get through security at the airport. Thank God they only took the duck livers, which vacuum packed and without labels look a bit suspicious!!

Long Live British Food!!

December 2017

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