Cooking Rocks!!

You won’t believe it but I am going to tell you about a place in Palma. A special friend of mine from Madrid was coming to visit me and, so to impress him, I decided to invite him to one of the most original places in town: Clandesti Taller Gastronómico. Run by a cool couple: Ariadna and Pau. Two youngsters, adventurous, brave and risky with their food concept. This is not a restaurant as such, they offer a gastronomic experience surrounded by good music. Their leitmotiv is Food and Rock and Roll.

There are no tables - We all sit at a long bar and behind it they prepare your menu. We all eat the same and at the same time. About 8-9 course menu with a fixed price. No waiters either, just a couple of people helping with the wine and so on.

Both of them work hand in hand, when one is in the kitchen the other one is out, they exchange roles, although Ari, with her “pin up” style is more the communicator, oh, and also the dessert expert! The place radiates positive energy and such a good feeling; they are very enthusiastic and promising. I love it!

The plates are arranged in front of you and Pau explains in detail every single step, where the product comes from (mainly Km 0), which farm or market (often Pere Garau, my favorite too!), if they have smoked it themselves, which way they have cooked it, etc.

They use local product, and produce local dishes with their magic touch. Both love game – something that is not found here very often, but they manage to get. We eat things like coca of mackerel smoked by them, gnocchi with local truffle and even a cake made with beetroot. There is always a special cheese board and we enjoy a mature Stilton to the sounds of “God Save the Queen” by the Sex Pistols to make it 100% British. What else can you ask for??

There is a selection of interested wines at very good prices. The menu changes weekly and I like that.

As we leave, Pau plays The Undertones, bringing back memories of London in the early 80s!!!!

Well done chicos!

June 2017

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