Destination New York!

Family reunion once again. One of my sons from London, his girlfriend from California, my youngest brother from Washington and myself from Palma. My generous brother has booked us a super skyscraper hotel in the centre of Broadway, (this hotel is so fancy that people come over to see it at the weekends and go up and down the glass lifts). Although we have been travelling for hours, and with very little sleep, there is not time to waste and we go straight out for a drink to one of the most fashionable roof top bars in Midtown, Press Lounge, Ink48 Hotel. What supposed to be a quick drink, becomes a long one - We are in the best place to enjoy Manhattan´s skyline and even though we look and feel like zombies we have to enjoy this wonderful view.

The next day we brunched at The Refinery, another roof top, also in Midtown, and from where we enjoy amazing views of the Empire State Building. I realized that the coolest trend in NYC is to do “roof topping”. After a pleasant afternoon strolling and shopping (obligatory stop at Tiffanys!), we had an early dinner and went to, yet, another roof top bar, 230 Fifth, next to the Flatiron Building. In less than 24 hours we have been in three!!! This place is really very peculiar.

The outside terrace has big plastic igloos where you go to avoid the cold, inside them there is even a screen with a crackling fire place to make the whole experience more cozy. Option B is to wear a red bathrobe, which they have hanging around but this takes away all he glamour that New York has. We decided to sit near a hot stove and remain outside admiring the architectural wonders of the city. Now the Empire State Building was lit and very beautiful. Apparently when Spain won the Football World Cup a few years ago, they lit it with the colours of the Spanish flag…..

When it comes to restaurants, the trend is “Farm to Table”. The chef Dan Barber, from the Blue Hill Restaurant was one of the first who introduced this concept in New York. It promotes serving local food supplied directly from the producers. Food freshness and seasonality are crucial to maintain the best flavors of the ingredients.

By the way something that I love, and have noticed it in London too, is that as soon as you sit down at a restaurant, they bring you a jug of water. It avoids you the “embarrassment” of asking for tap water.

In a couple of days we are off to Washington DC, but before we must go to Ground Zero Zone (9/11). As you approach the place you notice the silence, the respect to the place, and start getting goose pimples, a very emotional feeling…

Time to leave…. Thank God, in a few days we will be back, as we still have to go to Strawberry Fields in Central Park and also to the best bar in the world, next to Wall Street, to see how good are their Negronis ….

May 2017

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