Ecstasis in Madrid

Well, well, well. I am still in heaven! Arrived in Madrid with just enough time to get dressed and look "the business". A work colleague, with great restaurant knowledge, had talked to me about Santceloni Restaurant. I couldn’t wait to go to see if it was as he said – and sure it was !! The food is spectacular, and the service is something else!

A waiter per table, the service is immaculate, I am a curious person and often ask odd questions… if we get truffle I want to know where it is from; when we get served something on a wooden board I want to know what type of wood and so on… and our waiter had all answers! Ten out of ten really.

We started with a glass of champagne, obviously. They bring a champagne trolley full of bottles with only a few well-known brands, the rest? Small family wineries.

As you can imagine in this type of restaurant, all details are important. Crispy white linen table cloths. Individually designed pieces for the crockery - some of them of Japanese style, but what I liked best was the cutlery which was originally Art Decó.

You can eat “a la carte” but we choose the special 13 course menu. This restaurant is not a molecular cooking place with strange things that you don’t know what they are. What impressed me is the perfection of the dishes we eat, and the top quality of the produce which is noticeable from the moment you open your mouth and have the first bite.

I loved the flambéed mackerel with Petrossian Alverta Imperial caviar and cauliflower. Although the wild pigeon with cacao and black pepper was absolutely magical too…

Now time for the cheese. Well, here we made ourselves ill… Santceloni has the biggest selection of cheese in Spain with over 300 different ones. Four waiters carry two heavy trolleys full of cheese. Amazing! Then the maitre, top expert on cheese, chooses eight generous pieces for each of us…. Oh my God! We didn’t leave a crumble!!!

Next? Desserts…. One of them was the most amazing sweet thing I have every eaten. Coffee cream with boiled chocolate mousse. Incredible.

The wine list is, well, not a list, but two thick books: one for reds and one for whites. Huge variety, not only Spanish but also international, about 600 different ones in total. We enjoyed Ribera Sacra white and a complimentary glass of red for the cheese.

The restaurant has also a Cigar Club, well known around Madrid´s cigar smokers.

The whole evening was a great success, one of those that you carry on remembering weeks later, and with a smile on your face, talking to everybody about it and most important, wanting to go back without thinking how much money we spent or how many kilos we gained with all that food!

February 2017

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