Falling in love with Berlin

Four days in Berlin have been enough to realize that Berlin is a charming city. Its people: young, modern, beautiful and very civilized. Before you ask for help they have already offered it and always with a smile. I must say, the sun was shining and this might have helped!

The hotel we stayed at, Amano, was in a great location with many ammenities nearby. Apart from seeing the classic buildings and tourist attractions, we spent the days living as the locals do and didn’t come across many tourists….

One morning walking through a small canal we discovered a little market with nice stalls of clothes, jewelry, and crafts, all of them managed by the actual bohemian artists themselves. At the far end there was a music band singing and playing Celtic music. Opposite there was a wine stall managed, again, by the owner of the cellar, selling organic wines. Of course we had some as an aperitif while listening “Hijo de la luna”. It was lovely to hang out there in the sunshine watching life go by….

Every day we eat “al fresco”, the terraces were full of people at any time of the day. Breakfast was always huge; we actually discovered the best place in the whole Berlin, Zeit für Brot.

Always with a big queue of people but, with an excellent service, the waiting wasn’t too bad. Everything for sale was organic, of course! The breads were amazing (we actually bought some back home) and the pastries out of this world (such as white chocolate with rhubarb, walnuts with maple syrup….) What surprised me more was the hot chocolate. They give you a cup with hot milk and a plate with black chocolate pieces. You put the chocolate in the milk and slowly it mealts into it, giving you a creamy and rich hot chocolate. Mmmm!

There seem to be Asian restaurants everywhere, as it has become common nowadays, and it was difficult to find a restaurant with German food, but we found one and with a garden terrace. We enjoyed the typical sausages with all its garnishing (potatoes, mustard, etc) under lovely big trees.

The parks, the beer, the white wines, everything was fantastic. The people, kind and friendly. We loved everything especially the fact that it is not an expensive place. I personally have fallen in love with Berlin and hope to come back very soon!

June 2016

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