Lunching between flowers

Sorry guys but it is London again, where I have recently spent a few days.

On Sunday I visited one of my favorite markets, Columbia Road Market. Frequented by local people more than tourist as it is a plant and flower market. Walking through it one understands the importance of gardens for British people, whether a park or their own back home. One also understands the fact that most English people buy fresh flowers to decorate their homes nearly on a weekly basis. Here, in Spain, it is kind of a luxury and only a few do so, but with prices such as 2 bunches of hyacinths for 7 Euros, or 20 white roses, the nice big ones, for 10 Euros, it is not surprising!

As it happens this area of London, the East, has become super trendy in the last few years. Everybody in the streets is walking around loaded with flowers, and I mean loaded because one buys flowers until one can´t carry any more… Just in one of the corners of Columbia Road, there is one of the best places to have the exquisite Sunday Lunch, The Royal Oak. I am lucky that one of my sons (clever boy) has bothered to book. I haven’t had a good roast beef since I moved to Mallorca. Here, they have it every Sunday, and not only that, but every type of roast, because Sunday Roast, can be chicken, beef, lamb or even pork. It always comes with lots of bits and pieces: mashed or roast potatoes, carrots, some green veg (broccoli, sprouts, cabbage), Yorkshire pudding - obligatory with the beef, as well as horseradish sauce, my favorite!, or mint sauce for the lamb. We eat until we can’t fit any more.

The Royal Oak is not a restaurant as such, it is a pub, therefore with a good selection of beers, you can order the whole chicken for instance or even the whole rack of lamb ribs for groups. The dining room is in the first floor but you can also eat in the pub downstairs, or just have a beer after a hot morning shopping.

The desserts are very British too. The cheese board is obligatory as not many people know about English cheeses; other options are apple crumble; rhubarb sorbet; sticky toffee pudding…

Whoever dared to say that English food is no good? I haven’t heard of such a silly myth ever… it may be the ignorance of people or, simply, that they haven’t, ever, had a nice Sunday Roast.

May 2016

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