Theatre in a pub!!

Updated: Apr 19, 2018

Well, well, well…. I am back in London, my favorite city in the entire world. Although a bit passé I always like to wonder around Camden Town, not just the High Street, but around the residential side streets. I was told of a pub, well, a Gastropub, one of those that came into fashion a couple of decades ago, but this one is different, it has a small theatre upstairs. The Lord Stanley, just around the corner where Amy Winehouse once lived.

We decided to go for dinner. Interesting menu for somebody English but not so much for me, living in Mallorca, as it was very Mediterranean (always in fashion), a mix of Greek, Spanish and Italian. Fresh and high quality products, with an interesting wine and beer (on tap and bottled) menu. We drank Pinot Grigio (as I don’t come across it too often in Mallorca) and ate a vegetarian mezze of which my favorite was the beetroot falafel with tahini. Mmmmm!

I enquired about the theatre and learnt that the current play was The Great Gatsby, so I decided to go the following day which in fact was the last night. I loved it, the play and also the concept of “cozy theatre”, only 30 seats in way of 3 benches and with a small and close stage. I enjoyed every minute of it - we all know how brilliant the English are at theatre… just like Americans are at movies….

The prices are reasonable, for the food and the drinks (and the play too!), particularly taking into account that in these kind of places the food tends to be organic, local, etc., and suitable for people with allergies, vegans, etc.

The Lord Stanley is a hidden jewel. It even has a secret garden and in the summer as well as the standard menu, they have a BBQ menu… when the sun is out and the weather is warmer, all London and everything in London shines brightly!

One of those places where you can spend a very pleasant evening away from the multitudes that often one finds in Camden. I never get tired to say that London is the best! (… yes, even without the sun!!!)

Where shall we go now? What do you fancy? A cocktail? Taxi!!!! Savoy Hotel please!

July 2015

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