Vienna, where you can eat like an Emperor!

Updated: May 14, 2018

I’ve just returned from Vienna. What a city! Surprisingly, I’d never been there before and in all honestly the city impressed me quite a bit. Austrians really have a lot of class. I would have liked to stay a couple more days, not only to enjoy the music this city has to offer, but also to try some more of the many recommendations on my list. Anyway, in the few days I was there, I was lucky enough to go to one of the most typical restaurants, right in the centre of the capital: Plachutta. The speciality here is the “Tafelspitz”, which became famous thanks to Emperor Franz Josef, as it was his favourite dish. Although it feels more like a wintery dish, it’s a very hearty meal. I had to try it, as did all the other diners in the restaurant, and really you have to be very hungry or be a voracious eater, portions are plentiful!

The waiters bring shiny copper pots, filled with food. First, they serve you a bowl of broth (like a consommé), without a single drop of grease, with a few vegetables. As it’s quite light, you help yourself to seconds. Now starts the real homage. They serve you large slices of exquisite boiled veal (from small local farms), with some root vegetables, from the copper pot. Then you start to add the accompaniments, fried potato roti, creamed spinach, a white sauce made with bread and mustard (my favourite!), an apple-horseradish sauce, another sauce with chives – Now comes the best part, in the bottom of the pot: chunks of marrow, with or without bone, start to appear, yummmm – Delicious! I was lucky as there wasn’t much of each, and although everyone wanted it, I was allowed to have them as it was my first time in Plachutta. But if I eat the marrow, I won’t have room for the meat… What a dilemma – Well, I go for both, you only live once!

Wine: Arachon, an Austrian red. To finish I opted for cheese for dessert, as it was local and I must try. It’s a good thing I went for a nice little walk the next day, wandering through the city like a typical tourist.

By the way, this is where I made an astonishing discovery, and one of the things I enjoyed most about Vienna. For the Art Deco lovers amongst you – The public toilets on the Graben are a must!

Oct 2015

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