Who likes Chocolate?

Sometimes I think that all related to restaurants has been done, but then I go to London and I realize that it hasn’t. This is what happened to me the other day. Walking around one of my favorite areas, Borough market, I discovered Rabot 1745. This restaurant specializes in food with cocoa and chocolate. How can somebody think of something so original? I wonder….

When you go in it seems like if you are in a chocolate factory, with that wonderful evolving smell - As it happens it is also a shop/bar and chocolate lab. You will not find here the classic chocolate box or chocolate bars, here everything is very gourmet and very exquisite and refine.

Upstairs, apart from the restaurant, there is a cocktail bar too, with very original drinks like a Cacao Bellini, and a very nice terrace where, during the day, you can watch the busy market down there. Well, back to the restaurant – the decoration is like if you are in a cocoa plantation in the Caribbean, with a lot of wood, from St. Lucia (where they actually have another restaurant and the cocoa plantation in the Rabot Estate). Even the walls, covered in leather, have that colour as if covered with dark chocolate. You are surrounded by dark brown!

Everything in the menu has either chocolate or cocoa. The chef, from St. Lucia of course!, is an expert using chocolate as an ingredient. Some cuisines do use quite a bit of cocoa/chocolate, like the Mexican, but what is most surprising is that he also experiments using the actual cocoa beans. On the tables, apart from the salt and pepper mills, there is a mill with cocoa seeds for you to sprinkle on every dish if you so wish. These seeds do not taste of chocolate at all and they look a bit like toasted almonds. On the menu, dishes such as: aubergine with cocoa oil; smoked cod with a white chocolate ganache; bread with cocoa pesto and chocolate balsamic; fish with cocoa alioli; sautéed spinach with cocoa butter; and so on. Imagine what the desserts are like…. We love everything!

Open from breakfast to dinner. One can also have “Afternoon Tea”, so very British…

Rabot 1745 connects the world of cocoa with the pleasure of eating!

November 2015

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