From an early age, I had a "special" relationship with food, but it wasn´t until I moved to London and married a fantastic cook (not by profession, though) that my interest for everything related to food woke up.  

​In my 20 years in London, and working for top international drinks companies, Scotch to be precise, I was lucky enough to travel widely to places such as Panama or Lebanon. 

My curiosity to discover new things and my positive energy was, and still is, 

the magic formula to establish friendships that still last today, even from miles apart.

Currently, I am very much at the centre of the evolving food and drink scene in Mallorca,  where I live now, both through my work and personal life.  I have also kept travelling the world, visiting restaurants, bars and markets, wherever I go, from Oporto to Melbourne.   

It was in a balloon safari in Tanzania, while offering gastronomic suggestions to an American/Japanase couple, that I came up with the idea of sharing my passion for gastronomy with everybody....


Hope you enjoy the reading!!